Meet the Staff of Auto Solutions

Josh - Owner

865-379-9993 -

My name is Josh and I'm one of the owners of Auto Solutions. I enjoy spending my time away from work with my wife and kids. I love sports, collecting vinyl records, fly fishing, and reading. I have worked here since I was 15, over half my life! I've been really fortunate to grow up in the business and see how important relationships are: with customers, with our community, and with employees. We believe you treat employees right and they will in turn treat the customers right. Our reputation is extremely important to us. We know we can't ever be perfect, but we will be honest. Our culture is built around good people who love cars. These aren't words, this is what we live by. Come see for yourself.

Hunter - Owner

865-379-9993 -

Hunter has always had his hands full. These days, it's his girls he carries mostly. But, back when his parents started Auto Solutions, he was carrying a wash rag and a water hose. He worked hard and started from the bottom. Now, he splits time between auctions and overseeing our Service Department.

Chuck - Store Manager

865-806-2842 -

Chuck is our longest tenured employee. He's been here since the beginning. He oversees the day to day operations of the store and handles financing as well. He lives in Townsend with his wife Sarah and two kids.

Eli - Sales Manager

770-547-2093 -

Hailing from the Peach State, Eli joined Team Auto Solutions in 2016. He was a college baseball player, so he understands the importance of teamwork and unity - two cornerstones of our business. He's pictured here with his wife Carmen.

Logan - Finance Director

865-978-0866 -

Logan has a few things he cares deeply about, none more than his daughter. When he isn't with her, you can find him two places: at the softball field or finding bargains at the flea market. He loves a good practical joke and making customers feel at home.

David - Sales

865-740-2080 -

David is originally from nearby Robbinsville, NC and made the short trip across the Dragon to Maryville some years back. He and his wife Debbie - an accomplished author - have a growing family of children and grandchildren.

Bryan - Sales

865-776-1465 -

If you buy a car and need someone to sing to you, look no further. Bryan recently moved back home after a stint recording country music in Nashville. We're glad to have him here. YEEHAW!

Jake - Internet Sales

865-313-0467 -

Jake is the whiz-kid of Auto Solutions. Although he's not really a kid, he is the youngest member of our sales team. But his knowledge belies his years. Jake is responsible for our digital content as well as advertising. He lives with his wife and cats and always has a golf club in his hand, even at work.

Nicki - Titles & Photography

865-379-9993 -

Responsible for titlework and tags, Nicki is a machine of efficiency and organization. Getting your tags to you quicker than anywhere else is just another area Auto Solutions emphasizes customer service.

Jerry - Inventory Manager

865-379-9993 -

Mr. Fix-It. Anything related to the inventory runs through Jerry. From stocking in cars to arranging detailing and transportation, Jerry is our guy. He loves spending time with his wife and two kids as well as playing softball and beating people on Xbox Live.

Stuart - Inventory

865-379-9993 -

Don't let the cowboy hat fool you - Stuart isn't from Tennessee. He isn't even from the USA. Nope, he hails all the way from Scotland. He wins the staff award for Coolest Accent.

Lisa - Administrator

865-748-5465 -

Lisa dots the i's and crosses the t's. She is the reason the lights stay on. If a check goes out, chances are it passes through her hands.

Codi - Accountant

865-379-9993 -

The smartest person on staff, Codi is our resident CPA. She left her firm in Knoxville to be closer to home and work alongside her husband. Don't be fooled by her innocent looks, she has been known to execute some of the harshest pranks in the office. She is expecting her first child in September of this year.

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